Prescription Processing

Kex Rx - Prescription ProcessingOne of the main services provided by every pharmacy is to fill prescriptions and bill insurance providers.

At Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care, we do all that and so much more!  If you need us to check on your insurance plan, we will do that!

If you need to call your doctor for a new prescription, we will do that!  If you have questions about your medications, we will get you answers.

And we’ll never arbitrarily make you wait for a prescription to encourage you to “shop around” like some of the big box stores do!

Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care accepts most insurance plans, offers free delivery to your home or office and just as important, we do not have “teaser” prices on a select list of medications and then gouge you on all other prescriptions.

Instead you’ll find super competitive prices on all of our prescriptions.

So go ahead – compare our prices – you’ll find in most cases we are priced the same – or – you’ll find that we save you money!