Over the Counter Items

Kex Rx - Horton Inside

We offer a wide selection of over-the-counter medications at all of our locations.  Here is a short overview of what you can find:

Eating Well & Feeling Right:  Prilosec; Gas Relief; Tums; Stool Softener; Imodium and Fiber Supplements.

New & Natural Medicines:  We have a huge selection of the most widely used vitamins and minerals.

Bone, Joints & Bodyframe:  Calcium; Ace Bandages: Epsom Salts; Finger Splints; Advil; Tylenol; and Topical Analgesics.

Skin & Hair Products:  Lotions; Shampoos; Band-aids; Creams; Ointments and Cotton Balls.

Everyday Health & Wellness:  Toothpaste; Mouthwash: Lip balm; Diabetes Supplies and Gloves.

Specialty Items for Men:  Shaving Cream; Men’s Body Wash; Men’s Vitamins and many other items geared especially for men.

Specialty Items for Women:  Feminine Products and Creams; Women’s Vitamins; Calcium Tablets; Cranberry Capsules and Prenatal Vitamins.

Reducing Pain & Stress:  Tylenol, Advil and Aleve products and Topical Analgesics.

Hearing & Vision:  Reading Glasses; Vitamins for Eye Health; Eye Drops; Ear Drops and Eye Patches.

Better Breathing:  Allergy & Cold Medicines; Sinus Rinses; Cough Syrups; Nebulizers; Vapor Rubs; Nasal Sprays and Cough Drops.

Special Needs for Children:  Infant Tylenol drops; Pedialyte; Diapers; Baby Powder; Infant Dosing Spoons and Formula.

Heart Smart Living:  Omega-3 Supplements; Blood Pressure Monitors; Aspirin in 81 mg and Smoking Cessation aids.

Sale Items:  Shop our monthly sale items.  These are items that are no longer carried by our wholesaler that we cannot stock any longer.

Seasonal Items:  Get a great buy on out of season items for instance sunblock and aloe gel in the winter.

Greeting Cards:  Come and browse through our large selection of Leaning Tree and Avanti Greeting cards.