Prescriptions and Refills

Order your refills and pay for your prescriptions online

Kex Rx accepts nearly all insurance plans and in most cases cost the same or less than chain store pharmacies of department stores.  We will never have “teaser” prices on a select list of medications and then gouge you on all other prescriptions.

Give us a call for a free appointment and cost savings audit.  We’ll review your insurance and Med D, consider generics, search for rebates and look for special discounts, coupons and rebates. Our trained cost advisors will help review all of your options to make sure you’re getting the lowest possible price including.

So, go ahead – compare our prices – you’ll find in most cases we are priced the same – or – you’ll find that we save you money!

If you need to call your doctor for a new prescription, we will do that!  If you have questions about your medications, we will get you answers. Instead you’ll find super competitive prices on all of our prescriptions.

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Drug interactions occur when the effect of a particular drug is altered when it is taken with another drug or with food.

When filling your medications at Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care, our pharmacists will advise you regarding possible drug interactions between your new medication and any others we have filled.

However, if you work with multiple pharmacies, this safeguard is not in place to protect you from bad drug interactions.

That is why we recommend everyone patronize only one pharmacy.

We hope that our uncompromising service and friendly staff make Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care your family’s choice!

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