Medical Equipment and Home Care

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When health issues or accidents occur that make it necessary for you or a loved one to look for help in order to remain safely in your home, the compassionate and professionally trained staff at Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care have a wide variety of home medical equipment to help out.

Lift Chairs – Available in a wide selection of different sizes, colors and fabrics.

Respiratory Therapy – Nebulizers and supplies; Oxygen; CPAP and BiPAP. We also have Respiratory Therapists on staff available to consult with you. Please call your local Kex Rx Pharmacy & Home Care to set up an appointment.

Wheel Chairs – Standard, Lightweight and Transport chairs.

Rehabilitation Equipment – TENS unit; Cervical traction; Over the Door Pulleys; Weights; Pedal exercisers and Therabeads offering hot or cold therapy.

Bath Safety Aids – Commodes; Raised toilet seats; Shower chairs; Shower benches; Grab bars; Safety frames; Safety tub bars and Bath mats.

Beds and Accessories – Semi-electric Hospital beds; Bed rails; Trapeze bars; Over the bed tables; Bed sheets, pads and covers and Alternating pressure pads and pumps.

Orthopedic Aids – Braces for foot, ankle, knee, elbow and wrist; Rib supports; Hernia supports and cervical collars.

Wound Care – Bandages; Dressings; Tapes and Ointments.

Incontinent/Ostomy/Urological Supplies – Catheters; Drainage Bags; Pouches; Wafer insertion trays; Disposable briefs and underwear; Skin care washcloths and other Miscellaneous supplies.

Diagnostic Aids – Blood pressure kits in both manual and digital; Blood sugar monitors; Stethoscopes; Thermometers and Scales.

Ambulatory Aids – Canes in both straight and adjustable; Folding canes; Quad canes; crutches; Walkers and accessories and Rollators.

Aids for Living – Pillows and cushions; Bathing and dressing aids; Eating and drinking aids; Reachers; Gait belts and Elbow and heel protectors.

Support Stockings – Truform compression knee high and thigh high; Jobst zipper and liners; and TED (special order).

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